At Collins SBA we care about our everything we do for our clients which is why we have built [and continue to improve] a business that has the necessary checks and balances in place so that we know our clients are always taken care of.


We believe that business services that are effective are based on systems and processes. At Collins SBA these systems and processes are designed to provide exceptional and consistent service to our clients. This results in them having comfort and reassurance that their best interests are at the top of everything that we do.  It works through honesty and accountability within the process.


Each team member has measures (Key Performance Indicators) and integrity that they need to adhere to. If a team member is absent or away, the process is in place that another team member can pick it up, know where the task is at and deliver it to the client. This is all designed to meet and exceed our client’s expectation both on the quality of work and timeliness of information.


Compliance is something that we take extremely seriously. All compliance work has multiple team members involved in the process. Each team member has to make recommendations as to ways in which we can make improvements while adhering to our strict compliance guidelines.


We believe it is important to provide assurance with the service we provide. This is achieved both on a technical basis through training and ongoing professional development; but also, in communicating and updating the client throughout the process. This gives our clients peace of mind that their financial affairs are being managed in accordance with their expectations.