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Our clients are a darn inspiring bunch. Dreamers, makers, movers, shakers. As mixed as you’re likely to meet. Men and women; business owners, employed, and self-employed; singles and parents; young, and young at heart. Wide-eyed rookies with a head full of ideas; the old hand who’s done it all. All of these, and everything in between.

Different in every way but one — all remarkable folk building the futures they choose.

There’s no greater compliment paid than kind words said by the people we respect — and our clients have our utmost.

We’re chuffed, and humbled, to share what they have to say about us.


Collins SBA

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My previous accountants were task focused and really didn’t help me progress my bookkeeping methods, tax management let alone challenge me to think. Initially at Collins SBA the work they performed was all about rectifying issues within the business, but once that solid foundation was laid the focus changed.

Now, it’s about taking control, being proactive, growing the business in the most effective manner, controlling the business’s cashflow and appropriate structuring.

We’ve developed a very strong relationship that focuses on my goals and what I need to do to reach them. Their advice is constructive, helpful & progressive. I’m so glad I’ve found Collins SBA!

— Russell Timsar



Working with Collins SBA is terrific. They offer a lot of support – the fact that my bookkeeper and I can ring up at any time and get advice on various issues is great.

They’ve streamlined a lot of our systems and processes. They’ve introduced new systems for our bookkeeping, helped out with goal setting, targets and KPI’s – all those sorts of things we didn’t have, they put in place.

They also have a great online tool, where I can link to a dashboard site and look at our monthly targets. That’s been fantastic.

— Paul Burnell | Ronald Young Builder



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Reliability is something that’s really important to me and that’s what I get.

The Collins SBA staff go over and above the call of duty and they’re always there to answer my questions clearly and concisely.

I’d definitely recommend the firm to anyone because the service is efficient and friendly, their methods and approach are progressive and the staff are wonderful.

— Kate Saul | Roches Beach Living



My previous accountant wasn’t particularly proactive and so I transferred my business to Collins SBA. At first I was intending to use only the accounting services, but now I use all the services. I receive advice on how to structure and expand my business, advice on my self-managed super fund, and I’ve also taken out insurance and risk insurance to make sure I’m fully protected. The whole operation is very, very professional.

From the moment you walk in the front door you’re made to feel so welcome. It truly is a great place to do business.

— Geoff Duggan | Bridgestone Select



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I would absolutely and unequivocally recommend Collins SBA. The stresses that could have come with building a business from scratch have been alleviated through the advice and services of Collins SBA and they offer the complete package, which saves me a huge amount of time – I don’t have to visit the bank, financial adviser, accountant and insurer.

Collins SBA provides everything for me so I can work on the business and leave the financial affairs to experts who I trust.

I use the lending, financial planning, risk insurance and the accounting/tax advice services and I can send one email about any subject and know that the right person will come back to me with advice that is spot on.

— Chris Noble | Ilec



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My husband was diagnosed with cancer and was given six months to live; he was taken to hospital to undergo an operation and start extensive chemo. Paul was not returning to work and I gave work up to nurse my husband at home and drive him to appointments and chemo sessions. We had only married three months prior to Paul’s diagnosis and had a mortgage, medical expenses and living costs to cover. Our parents were helping us pay the bills, but we thought it best to access Paul’s super funds without putting financial pressure on our families.


I started collating Paul’s super documents and the tedious task of finding information on the process and next steps. I contacted the super companies leaving messages only to get no reply. After three weeks I received a phone call questioning Paul’s illness and assuming that, because he was only 38, he would have had a pre-existing illness or prior symptoms. The lady was blunt – her questioning was inappropriate and insensitive; my husband was dying, time was running out and I was informed that the company’s investigation would take months for any answers or funds to come through.


I was still having very little success in gaining any information from the superannuation companies, so I spoke to my brother in Hobart who gave me contact details for Jonathan Elliot. I rang Jonathan who took us on and answered all our questions with sensitivity making our experience with Collins SBA a pleasant and easy one. I was updated on a regular basis, so Paul and I went on honeymoon whilst Jonathan and his team sorted our superannuation paper trail.


Three months after my husband died the final super payment came through. Without the help of Jonathan and his team I would still be battling with the super companies. When we became clients we were not locked into any contracts and certainly not advised to invest any money which was one of my worries. I was, however, advised to keep the money earning interest and leave it for at least six months so I had time to think about a sensible investment when my head was clearer.


— Carolyn Johnson