We are extremely pleased to share this exclusive television segment featuring Jonathan Elliot, Managing Director, Collins SBA. Over the past year Collins SBA has appeared in the media including television to highlight some of our innovative practices, awards and industry recognition. Please click the play symbol on the video below.

0:27 – Introducing Jonathan Elliot, Managing Director, Collins SBA

0:59 – Why financial planning and accounting sit under the one roof

1:16 –   Introduction of the 5 hour work day

1:40 –   How we ensure we have the client’s best interest at heart

2:02 –   What differentiates Collins SBA

2:22 –   Collins SBA mission

2:25 –   Collins SBA philosophy

2:36 –   How Jonathan’s passion led to his chosen profession

3:09 –   How Jonathan’s mother influences his life

3:38 –   Jonathan’s journey through his years at Collins SBA

3:58 –   Key people within Collins SBA who played a role in it’s evolution

4:43 –   Challenges within Collns SBA business

4:58 –   What is leadership

5:39 –   The role mindset plays in running and being part of a business