Late last year, I started working with a business owner who told me he wants the business to “grow up”   Growing up is about making positive changes which impact him and his employees and improves profitability. This particular business is in the highly competitive IT sector. For privacy purposes, we won’t reveal his name but for the sake of this article let’s call him Martin.


Martin has been running the business for around ten years, doing similar things and getting similar financial results, which are not sufficient for his time, effort and commitment to the company and his employees. Martin was tired of doing the same things and getting the same results; that’s when he contacted me.


Having worked with many clients which Martin already knew, he had a good sense of the work that I do and the outcomes that I get businesses.


As a result of strategic planning workshops Martin has now refined his business model, he is more focused on a refined target market and is very clear of what he wants the business to look like in three years. This is a fantastic result for Martin who before merely kept doing the same thing each year and didn’t have a clear focus.


Martin is now starting to achieve results and create opportunities that have him heading in the right direction. This clear focus has provided peace of mind and ultimately financial stability and security for him and his family.   He is clear on his target market and the services provided to clients, the resources needed to ensure client deliverables and the profitability of each service he is offering.


Action now consists of a few priorities each quarter, which keeps him on track to achieving his three years “painted” picture and associated goals and objectives for the coming 12 months.


Martin and I will be meeting quarterly this year to ensure he keeps on track, hold him accountable and provide a sounding board as running an SME can be a lonely place.


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