How we do it. And we love team feedback. We really do.

We didn’t become a successful business by accident. We know for us to be successful we need to attract the right people with the right values, the right way and at the right time.

And we don't mind change. Change challenges us to grow, learn and embrace new beginnings. Check out how we do work and we can't wait to hear your ideas.

Let's keep on learning

  • We encourage our team members to be focused on their learning and development.  
  • We invest heavily in funding study and learning opportunities and provide up to eight (8) days of paid study leave per year.
  • Feedback is essential to exploring personal development opportunities.  Each team member meets with their manager monthly to discuss wellbeing, learning opportunities, impact, productivity and work relationships. 
  • Growing your technical knowledge is important but so too is understanding the psychology behind how you work productively and how you connect and communicate with your teammates and clients.  You will receive a comprehensive report on your preferred style as well as a 1 hour briefing on the results.  This is another powerful way we help you identify development and career opportunities. 
  • We have so much to learn from our team members and are always on the look out for ways we can create an even better work environment.  Our twice yearly anonymous engagement surveys keep us on our toes and provide us with ideas and projects to ensure we are creating a workplace where people can do their best work.

Real life connections

  • We have bi-monthly, off-site social functions to help us relax and connect with each other.  We might use this time to go bowling, boating or dining. 
  • Friday afternoon drinks on our deck are how some team members relax and catch up.
  • We all work in teams.  We are absolutely convinced that teamwork fosters healthy work relationships that are based on trust, care, collaboration and innovation. 
  • Our HR Community brings together a group of team members who care passionately about driving innovative ideas and positive change within the workplace.  Their initiatives keep us focused on delivering what really matters to all team members. 
  • We totally splash out on our end of financial year celebration.  All expenses paid event at some fancy pansy restaurant complete with experiences to make it really memorable is an annual favourite of ours.


Ready to meet some of us? We are over here. 

Wellbeing is not just a word

Did you know that according to research, a person’s wellbeing can be measured against eight dimensions of wellness? We openly talk about wellbeing. With each other and our clients. 


We care about your output and reward you for working efficiently.  If you can get your job done, meet client promises and ensure your team are on track, you can clock off after 5 hours without being penalised with your pay or leave entitlements. 


We prioritise our team’s mental health, with all team members having free access to Uprise (a proactive and science-based employee assistance provider) including 1:1 confidential coaching sessions from qualified psychologists or counsellors.


When you start work with Collins SBA, you will have access to a full ergonomic assessment by a qualified physiotherapist.  We want to make sure that your working environment is safe and comfortable. Everyone learns something new about how to look after your physical wellbeing in these sessions.


We care about your financial wellbeing too, so we make it easy for you to access the advice and skills of our highly talented accounting and financial team.  They can help you identify your goals and keep you on track to living your best life. 

Ways we work

Flexibility is at the core of how we work. Whether you prefer fully remote, the office, or a bit of both, we are happy to work with you to find a solution that works for us all.  Ultimately, we know you will get the work done regardless of where you work.


We understand that your hard work needs to be fueled by healthy food.  We have lots of great healthy snacks and drinks available for you to keep your energy up and remind you to take a break during your day.


We believe it is important to reward our awesome team with a remuneration package that is at or better than market rates.  We want to ensure that you feel valued by Collins SBA.


We can’t wait to share all of the amazing initiatives, ideas and projects that you can also contribute to challenge and re-engineer the way we work. That’s where you come in – settle in and start sharing with us.


In 2023 we will be celebrating 20 years of Collins SBA. What a ride! Help us design the next 20? 


And no timesheets required at Collins SBA. Whoo hoo!

Team members volunteering their hearts, minds and time for Variety – the children’s charity of Tasmania.

Financial Adviser team attending a conference in Sydney and living our commitment to learning.

Michael hosting the Minister of Small Business and valued clients to talk about all things growth in Tassie.

The team attending CPA events to network and ultimately help each other no matter where you are in your career. 

Left is Bruno, Adviser and Chair of the Variety Club of Tasmania. Bruno and his brother preparing for the 2022 Tas Bash to raise funds.

Some of the team recently challenged themselves to an escape room experience. We haven’t seen them for several weeks now.

Women of Collins SBA frequently attend the Mentor Walks, where they are matched with Senior Leaders of Tasmania to walk and talk.

The team love attending the Run the Bridge every year. Some people run it but mostly we walk it. Kids, partners and dogs join us.

Claudia, Head of Human Resources and Business Support and Frederick. We have spoken to Claudia about stealing puppies, it’s just what she does. 

From left Dionie and Zahnia for IWD 2022. Sharing their ideas for how to break the bias, have a conversation and walking the talk.

One team. All the knowledge.