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Our vision is to improve the lives of business owners

An outcome of our vision is –  growth. Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) is a function of this goal. We are focused on implementing strategies and onboarding our ideal target audiences to reach this goal.  We join with other teams and take the opportunity to stay curious and learn from them.



All team members of Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants will be offered a role at Collins SBA. Of course, no one is obligated to accept our offer.


There will be no change to team members of Collins SBA.

For all team members of Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants your remuneration package will remain the same until we commence the review process following the acquisition.


At Collins SBA our aim is to ensure remuneration packages remain competitive.

For all Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants team members you will continue to report directly to David Lienert for day-to-day client issues. 


Nathan McGrath, Head of Accounting at Collins SBA is also available for all of your questions. 


There will be no reporting line changes to team members of Collins SBA in the foreseeable future. 

Yes. For all team members of Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants our goal is to minimise disruption and the number of changes.


There will be no changes to team members of Collins SBA in the foreseeable future. 

Your title and/or responsibilities may change to ensure consistency across our whole of team and how we service our clients. 

Claudia Parsons is our dedicated Integration Manager for this M&A and is readily available to answer your questions. 


Over time, culture and values may change. We will all learn from each other. We foster collaboration at Collins SBA and believe we are stronger as a team than a group of individuals.


We look forward to sharing information about how we collect, report and action feedback from team members and how the HR community contributes to improvements at Collins SBA. 


We really love feedback. 

Over time our work processes may change.


We value people first and providing remarkable experiences to our clients. We continually look for ways to improve what we do and how we do it. 

No. Collins SBA will not be offering redundancy packages.

The owner of Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants, David Lienert has unfortunately experienced a health scare. 


During this time, David reflected on what were the available options. Top of mind, was his desire to find the right home for his team and his clients. 


Please note: David will transition to an employee of Collins SBA. 

The owner of Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants, David Lienert has focused on finding an option which aligned to the core values of his business.


Not just any business.


There is an alignment of vision and passion between Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants and Collins SBA. 

Our intention is to distribute a media release regarding this acquisition.


If a representative of the media contacts you, please refer to Jonathan Elliot, Managing Director or Amanda Jones, Marketing Manager. 

Collins SBA will coordinate core messaging, distribution and segmentation with the team at Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants to ensure current clients receive information and news in a timely manner.


All team members will receive a copy of communication prior to release.

Collins SBA will coordinate the development of guidelines with Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants to ensure all team members are consistent with how we answer and manage questions or concerns. 


Guidelines will be distributed prior to any external communication. 


Minimising disruption for current clients is important to us all. 

Collins SBA is taking the lead of coordinating ‘meet and greets’ for Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants.


We know the team at Collins SBA will make you feel very welcome.


More information will be available soon. 

At this time:


For more information about Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants please visit their website 


For more information about Collins SBA, please visit website


You can meet the Collins SBA team, by clicking here. 

The integration of people, process, technology and clients will take between 12 to 18 months to complete. 

We understand change can be exciting, challenging, frustrating, fun and everything in between.

During this time please don’t hesitate to contact:

> David Lienert

> Claudia Parsons, Integration Manager, Collins SBA

> Nathan McGrath, Head of Accounting, Collins SBA

Jonathan Elliot (Jono), Managing Director, Collins SBA

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about our employee assistance program, Uprise.

It’s easy to confuse mergers and acquisitions. Each of these terms refers to a specific legal situation, so it’s important we understand this terminology. 

A merger occurs when two (2) organisations come together to create a new entity. Typically a new organisation is managed by members of both originating businesses. 

An acquisition is the absorption of one organisation into another. An acquisition does not create a new entity and the purchaser usually assumes complete management over the acquired organisation.

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