Shining the light on RY Builders

Ronald Young Builders (RY Builders) is an award-winning, family owned and run Tasmanian business. Working in the home design and building business for many years means that Paul and his wife Lisa have experienced the good times and the not so good times,[but to the credit of them and their team], they have won multiple awards and built an enviable reputation. Paul took some time out of his extremely busy (honestly, he was hard to nail down!) day to talk to us about success, marketing and what to look out for when recruiting your next builder. Thanks, Paul!


1. What does it mean to you to be recognised as an award-winning business?

We have found that it is a useful marketing and promotional tool for our business, but more importantly, it is recognition for our entire team for all their efforts and dedication.


2. RY Builders is a family-owned business – what’s the history behind the business?

The business commenced in 1970, so it is 48 years old. RY Builders is the longest running home building company in Tasmania. Lisa (my wife) and I are the third owners in this time, following founders Ted and Jackie Powell and second owners Ross and Beth Cunningham.


3. You have an amazing Facebook following! How important is that community to the business?

It has been amazing. Lisa undertook an intensive training course in social media marketing when we acquired the business, and it has allowed us to market and promote our business to a wide range of potential customers without the cost of the more mainstream advertising platforms. It has been very powerful, and the ability to target areas, either demographically or geographical is very useful.


4. The housing market all across Australia is quite different. Some areas are seeing growth, some not so much. How is the Tasmanian market performing regarding new builds?

The Tasmanian market is performing well at the moment, but it is coming off a low base. Our industry requires about 3000 new homes to be built a year statewide and we are currently sitting at about 2650. We are experiencing positive net migration, commercial building is increasing, and the hospital project in Hobart all have a positive flow-on effect for home building.


5. If someone is considering building a new home, what should they look out for when choosing a builder?

  • Word of mouth recommendation is still the best way of selecting a builder. Tasmania is such a small market, and Hobart is even more so!!
  • If you can find a friend, acquaintance or family member who has built before, then question them on how it went. What was their quality like, how was the product selection process, their communication skill and timeframes.
  • It is crucial that your new home is documented correctly to ensure that your builder has all the processes correct and ensure all the fine detail is recorded and agreed upon.


6. How have the designs of houses changed over the years? Are they becoming smaller, larger, more sustainable?

We have noticed a move away from the “McMansions” of years gone by to the smarter, smaller and more cleverly designed homes of current day.

Land sizes have also reduced, and private open space is still important to families. So, a smaller footprint and possibly a second storey will still provide ample yard area.

Energy efficiency is now a major part of the design and regulated in all states.

Another area that we are starting to see our Government regulators discuss is universal accessibility. This is the idea of ensuring that any person with any form of disability can easily access a home and its basic facilities.


7. Did you build your family home?

No, we renovated a 1970 ugly block house in Mount Nelson 22 years ago. Typically, like many builders, it is still not finished!!


8. What does success look like for you at work?

There is nothing more rewarding than handing over a dream new home to a Tasmanian family.

To see the joy is satisfying and this is what we judge as a success.

A happy and fun-filled office is also very important and being an “Employer of Choice” to us, is a sign of success.


9. What makes you smile at work?

Hearing members of our team laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Good post construction reviews from our clients also make us happy.


10. How has Collins SBA helped you with the business?

We have been in “partnership” with Collins SBA for over eight years now, so they have been along for the ride from when we purchased the business.

We have found their advice invaluable and they have always been so accessible.

They are always willing to assist when we have an issue and will often attend our office in person to meet a key staff member.

We use Collins SBA as a “one-stop shop” for all our accounting and finance requirements.


11. What does RY Builders specialise in?

Ronald Young Builders design and construct quality family homes in Southern Tasmania.

We specialize in affordable but high-quality houses for first home buyers up to homes valued at $700,000.00 plus.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the size or the value of your home may be; we pride ourselves on supplying a dream new home and ensuring that the experience is enjoyable for both parties.


For more information on RY Builders and to see their gallery head to their website by clicking here.